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October 17, 2006


Wow. Good movie. Makes me want to cry. And I can too, 'cause I'm all by my lonesome self in the office today.

Oh what a cool video! None of us gets enough hugs. Well, maybe you do, Momma, with all your many kidlets! :-) Lucky you!

After watching that video, I completely forgot what I was going to say about your knitting. Oh, well, here's a {{{hug}}} anyway.

i don't have a blog, i just don't think i have enough to say to make it worthwhile. so i remain a lurker. ;0)

That's a neat video, certainly something to think about. And since I can't go to Rhinebeck either, I'll just join in the online ((((HUGS)))).

You're not the only sock knitter who didn't join. I didn't either.

I'm sending you a hug too!

This ol' hippie, who grew up in the seventies, adored the video. It reminded me of the times when we could do those things and be the rule, not the (suspect) exception. It brought tears to my eyes, but good ones! Thanks for thinking to share it with your readers!

I didn't join Soctober either...you're in good company!


Oh my gosh on the video! I love it, but have to admit the first thing I thought was, "What's he selling?" Can you tell I'm deluged with advertising of all kinds? Bleh!

There's three of us, then, who aren't in the Socktoberfest. I'm dying to sign up for your Palette KAL and might when my Christmas knitting is done. That, and we bought new kitchen appliances to might actually have to stick to my yarn budget. Ha!

to give credit where credit is due, i got this video from stella at www.gratefulcad.com. it is the first you tube video i have ever shared and i did it because it reminds me of my two sons, scott and brian who are the kind of young men who would do something like this. they sometimes (a lot of times!!!) made me verrrry crazy when they were teens but now at 33 and 27, i am very proud of them.

I didn't join Socktober either -- too much other stuff going on. But the buttons are so cute!

Thank you for the video. I found it wierdly powerful too.

I really love this video :) Make me smile and sun in my life today :) Thanks !! :)

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