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February 02, 2007


Sniff, sniff!!

That is just so perfect!

Awwww, that's just too cute!

I'm happy that you are one of those mothers that understands that a gift like that is priceless...and that you have passed that understanding to your children.

Without all the trials and tribulations, I'd say you have pretty darn good kids. Knowing some of the trials and tribulations they have gone through, you have damn fine kids!


Beautiful. Of course this brings a tear to my eye, because although we know our kids love us, it isn't that often that they articulate exactly what it is they admire in us. You are evidently a great mom!!!

I have been wondering how things are going at Chez Sugar Bunny and thinking how different things are for you now than they were a year ago. The kids seem very happy in your pictures and although it must be quite zany there just out of sheer numbers (!) I hope everyone is settled in and thriving.

The treasures of a mother are priceless. Thanks for sharing Benny's poem with us.


Wow. A mother could not receive anything more memorable than that. It just got better and better reading through. What powerful expressions. On behalf of your children (and I am sure they have done this themselves)I thank you and honour you for the unfailing love and support you have provided them through all their troublesome times. Not all children are as fortunate. Thank you for making sure your children knew, and know, they are loved. There is no greater gift.

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