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March 07, 2007


Fire on the Mountain is 'hippie' tie dye colors! Grrl your showing your age..er youth! I can see you doing everything around the house with spindle in hand. No wonder Jeff thinks it's easy to spin!

Oh and I LOVE your long comments. They make my day.

I agree with Margene - keep those long comments coming. Love 'em.

Yeah for Katie! And your vest is lovely!

I like your comments. I wish I could be as insightful when I post a comment on someone's blog.

I for one am completely impressed with the spinning buffalo in your kitchen! And a big congrats to Katie - your project poster looks great!

Laura, I had some fiber that was just like that. It felt like wire while I was spinning it, and then once I had plied it, washed it and dried it, it was wonderfully wonderfully soft. It was alpaca, not buffalo though. In fact, I'm a little jealous of the buffalo fiber, it's something that I have been trying to acquire from the buffalo farmer down the road for a while! By the way, the fiber is gathered after the buffalos rub it off in the spring. You have to have very sturdy fences because they will rub so hard against a standard fence that they will take it down. After they rub the fiber (It's that fuzzy patch on their back, and I think it is the very soft down that is used primarily for yarn.) off, the fiber has to be gathered off the ground, fence, stumps, wherever they rubbed it off at. Which explains why it was so dirty.

How's that for a long comment, LOL.

Really neat vest. And congratulations to the champion daughter!

Oh my gosh, I can't believe how alike Katie and Kiddo are. Kiddo is doing the exact same science fair project! I can only hope she has half as much eye for detail. I am getting off easy, because they partner up for their science fair and all the mess is at the other girl's house. Heh.

Love reading your post! I'm feeling much better now, I have no fever, but I'm glad I don't need to go work, because I need the rest. Taking naps after lunch..

Thanks for the update! I was missing you.

I love that vest! I think the best combinations of colors and stripes come as a result of not having enough of one color of yarn to start with. It forces us to be creative and the results are usually better than what we originally planned.

It's okay that your husband doesn't appreciate the difficulty of spinning Buffalo. That's what we've here for. I'm glad it turned out to be so nice since you have quite a bit of it.

Also, a big congratulations to Katie! What was the conclusion of the experiment? I like Bounty the best.

Your weather gal on your blog says 64 degrees right now. To us here in Michigan, that would be like heaven! We ARE expecting 40's and maybe 50 this week, so that'll help melt some of these snow mountains. More pics of the little gals, too!

Yaaaaay, Katie!

So. Which one DOES absorb more water?

*hugs* Hi Laura loo!!
The avalanche vest is soooo darn cute! I love how you used different yarns in it, makes it very interesting to the eye.
I can just picture some little one wearing it and running his fingers back and forth over the buffalo.
Go Katie go!! Well done and what an interesting topic! Humm that project board looks mighty familiar ;)

For what it is worth, metro New York City has warmed up alot. It is feeling like spring with temps in the 50s.

Proud mama moments are great. WTG to your daughter.

I like Katie's 1st pose! Shows off her personality.
Love the Dulaan vest. Ingenious use of colour and texture.
Thanks for the catchup post - sorry I took so long to get here and read it. :-{

Yay Buffalo! Yay Katie! And Yay for Laura! You rock (and to cross reference a post)- that Soot is beautiful. Looks like you are having some pretty nice weather-any signs from your peony?

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