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June 22, 2007


Oh my goodness.. that candy looks delicious!

Oh...you had me at "chocolate-and-nut-covered caramel apple." Yum!

Awesome pictures! I still owe you some squares. I have the yarn --I just have to stop being so greedy and stop knitting for myself! I am caught in a little self indulgent state right now... I think it must be broken and soon!

Emeline and I have the same taste cause I was trying to pet their heads too :)
I loooooove fiber animals!!!
Laura's sure does look YUMMY!!!!

Hi, just wanted to let you know, those squares I sent have been bathed in Eucalan and blocked already.....(didn't know not to)...
I love the photos of the fibre beasties, and those chocolate dipped strawberries...mmmmmmm.

Who's showing up from Tulsa? Perhaps email me, let me know? opakawumpa@yahoo.com

Mmmmmm, I want candy!

I remember that candy shop from last year. I know we went in - I think I bought fudge.

I think Emeline needs a sheep of her own :)

What wonderful pictures! Don't you want to take a few of the woolies home? They're so cute.

I'd have to have gone into the candy shop saying, "Yes, this IS mine. And this over here, plus this..."

Like no other Laura has ever said such a thing in there.

Wonderful pictures and obviously a great time! The candy looks so yummy!

Great photos! I've visited Estes Park too... a long time ago. I did NOT see chocolate covered anything on my trip. :( But I did see stunning mountain peaks and did a horseback wildlife tour.

Just got back in town from my own vacation. I love your pics! All that chocolate is making me hungry!

OMG! what a cruelly delicious ECF photo spread. Oh those candy apples (I always find they look better than they taste, thank goodness!) So mouthwatering.
What a great retirement idea, imagine how popular you would be with the grandchildren --- and their dentist. :-D
Oh, that first sheep - look at the eyes. That sheepy talks!
When I see those smelly (in a good way) straw-y dusty animals I am in awe that they yield such luscious fibre. I always want to know who first discovered such things and how they struck upon their idea and what their learning curve was. This world is full of limitless wonder - thanks for sharing your trip with us all.

Thank you for the hints on the squares! I have completed 6 so far and they were worrying me - the ending-end got kind of pointy, If the blocks were stretched and massaged they became nice again - but still - being a relatively new knitter, one never knows when it's the yarn and when it's an error.

Question / concern about yarn content: most of my squares are merino or handspun Colonial which means if they're washed agressively in hot water, they'll shrink and felt like crazy. Should they be marked as such and sent, or do you want only unshrinkables?

Thanks for putting together this wonderful chance to help.

I will have squares to send to you at the beginning of Aug. You might want more teams, I have a feeling people are holding out on you until the ship date. I know I am. Also do you need yarn for the sewing of the afghans? I have some Cascade 220 I am willing to donate to the cause.

I'm SOOOO jealous of your fabulous weekend! What a great time you had! Oh well, if I couldn't be there, at least you got to go!!! :o) That's a FABULOUS picture of you and the spindle maker, too! You're so pretty!

That's a LOT of squares to wash! Pick a sunny day! Oh yeah, do you need attaching yarn? I've got quite a few one ball leftovers I'd be happy to throw in the mail.

Sweetie, just so you know, my squares have been washed and blocked. And yes, it helps a LOT!!!


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