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June 12, 2007


I love the macro setting on my camera - it's how I get all my Eye Candy Friday photos. If you're going to take this one back you'd better do it quick or you want have time to get used to a new one before Estes. Sigh. Estes.

Your yarn is fabulous. Don't you just love that little camera!?! 2 more sleeps.;-)

I love the yarn you're spinning and love the idea of a sampler shawl. I think it's going to look great. The pattern you described sounds perfect for showing off all the fibers and colors.

I've avoided taking up spinning because I have too many projects and complications in my life already. But you are tempting me, it just sounds like so much fun!

I have a good little/not too expensive camera that does great in the macro range (as low as 3cm). Drop me a line if you want a recommendation.

Wow! Look at the squares! Whenever I need a little boost in my day, I just come to your blog and look at the wonderful things that people are creating for absolute strangers. I'm so proud to be a small part in this project. I try to keep posting on my blog about it so that others might be inspired to send a square as well.

That yarn of yours looks sooo pretty, I'm sure it will look great in that shawl. I'm so amazed by those square numbers, did the boxes just pop open under the pressure? How did they fit all those in those two small boxes?

AMAZING! Hey Laura! Those squares were so pretty! They are so vibrant and just AWESOME together...I definitely need to find some of those colors! I sent you an email privately with some photos of your BECAUSE I CAN! as it is a familiar thing in my house!!!!! LOL

So sorry to hear that the camera isn't working for you...next time will be better I hope! You really take some nice shots!


Your handspun is very pretty. I am sure it will make a lovely shawl.

Wow those squares sure are multiplying!

Your handspun is gorgeous!

I cannot believe those 3 amazing knitters!! WOW! I'm still knitting away on mine. They are addictive to make.

Macro is a must Laura, that pretty much all I use on my camera.
Your handspun is coming along sooo nicely, I love how your mixing all the fibers, its turning out really nicely.

Egad, I've missed so much while I was away! So many squares! I'm glad you're still going on collecting them, because one of these days you will get mine.

Oooh I love your spun yarn! It is fantastic. I am so envious - with one Spinning lesson I want a wheel and I want to be spinning - I am amazed at how addicting it is as an activity. I love it.
I cannot wait to see your spun yarn knit into the shawl --- that needle size sounds very wrong, but??

Yes! Look at all the new squares you have there. Amazing! These posts are excellent - they get me so motivated to make more myself. Wow. 52 squares. I don't even want to tell you how long it took me to make the first one!

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