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April 23, 2008


Crazy! That's awesome :)

Love that sock... I will be ordering a kit!

You did a wonderful job designing this sock! Great attention to detail. I predict it's going to be a hit. Congratulations on the stitch marker deal too. Get ready to be very busy.

You are moving into the big time, grrlfriend. The sock is darling! May the kit be a big success!

My kit came today - I can't wait to get started!

Beautiful sock!! And so are the redbud trees. I miss those trees.

Laura, the socks you designed are gorgeous! Super job,I hope they sell a million. God Bless, Pam

What lovely pink things all around! Laura, that sock yarn & pattern is gorgeous. Just this week I have been setting up a blog for a friend's mother who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (in fact, she's in your neck of the woods). Given the pink ribbon connections in my life I can't wait to order the kit! :)

Laura, the pink ribbon sock is wonderful- let me know as soon as it's available. I've got to make those socks! Blessings upon you, my friend!

What fantastic news! Congratulations!

I love the loopy ewe! Thats soo awesome!!

I love the pink ribbon socks/ How would they look in Apple Blossom? Yes, I love redbuds. We have both those and red maple seed flying things all over. Spring has sprung

See? It was just a matter of time, right? Congratulations!


Oh! I love the sock kit. If I can get it together I will order a kit -- my brother is getting married in 2 weeks (YAY!) and so things are tight - but this is such a worthy cause!

Congrats on the Loopy Ewe. Lady be prepared to be buuuusssyy!!

Yay for Emmeline finding beauty all around her - it's no surprise to us (readers) since her loved ones are skilled at finding the beauty in the fabric of daily life. :-)


red bud trees are my very favorite so i'm w/ you in the pitched tent.

it's a beautiful sock pattern and bless you for your work for worthwhile organizations. you are "good people."

Love the sock! Congrats on The Loopy Ewe! Sheri is such a wonderful person.

Wow! That's awesome!!

Funny, I was just thinking about the yarn I bought from you. I think it was the "carnival" colorway...the pinks, blues and whites. I originally bought it to make socks for Peanut & I for Walk America. Yeah, that's Sunday. Won't happen for this year, but maybe '09.

Oh I love that sock and cannot wait for the kit! Good on ya! :)

Very lovely socks. I'm looking forward to seeing your yarns and things at The Loopy Ewe.

SOOOO pretty. I'm such a schlump knitter nowadays that I really SHOULDN'T, but I would love to be on the express lane for getting one of these kits!

Excellent socks. Perfect in every way.

Awesome socks! You are so very clever. Congrats on the loopy ewe, too.

I like the socks, too! You're knitting me a pair, right? Ha! :o)

Hey, did you see that CBS is in Greensburg all week for their Early Show??

I would love a kit, must set my auto reminder to make sure that I don't forget.

btw, Have you tried justgiving.com or is there an equivalent US one?

What a great pattern. I love the heel. Is the pattern ever going to be available alone?

Congratulations on the LOOPY EWE. I love that store. I loved the pattern that you designed it is truly beautiful.

I am getting caught up in blogland after a mini vacation and I just wanted to tell you how much I love your sock pattern...it's lovely!

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