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June 13, 2008


I hope those pictures can help you to remember that no matter how much we plan and think all we really have is right. now.

Well, it's what keeps us kicking..that's certain. Carole is so right. It's the moment that counts. Take care of yourself grrlfriend.

i hope to see you while you are in michigan!

Simply stunning photos. I like how you started extremely close and then zoomed out.

That's just decadent! Gorgeous stuff.

Have fun at your sis's wedding! I know you will!

POPPIES! Makes me want to dig up all the grass and sow the yard with wildflowers.

Sometimes hey?

I love the overblown beauty of poppies. They are so vibrant and so passionate. Mine finally! bloomed - 4 yrs later. I didn't realize what an excercise in patience it would be to grow poppies.

But so worth it!

Your wisdom touched my heart again. Thank you.

How beautiful! (The thoughts and the photos!)

Pretty poppies! I love all the different perspectives and your thoughts on how they relate to life.

How glorious! Thank you for sharing.

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