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June 19, 2008


Your grrls are SO CUTE!

That is so daggone cute. Love the skeiner in the background too!!! where'd you get that?

Was nice to hear your voice, say hey to Mr. Sugarbunny

Yarn makes ME happy too! Can't wait to see y'all. We can play with lots of yarn and get really, really happy!

hahahaha Emeline takes pictures of glass hehe too funny. I can't believe how big Lila Pearl is getting!!! CRAZY!!!!

It's fun to see the girls and to get to hear them too! Hang in there with all the spinning, dyeing, skeining, and fun with yarn! Blessings!

That's so funny!!! The girls are getting so big, time really flies.. :)

It's telling me the video is no longer available. :-(

I'm sure it was super cute - the description is!

Emeline and Lila Pearl make me happy!

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