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July 27, 2008


it all looks so lovely for the wedding and I think that all the photos of you look fabulous.

It looks you had a great vacation, with lots of yarn and happiness! ::::hugs::::

it looks like you had a great vacation with lots of yarn and happiness! ::::hugs::::

Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Glad you're back!

Sounds like you had a great time! :)

Looks like you had a great vacation, and all those yummy yarn stores, I don't know how you kept your composure.
Love the picture of Emeline on the tractor hehehe too cute!

Yay! You got your wheel! You will be telling us all about it, I'm sure. You better. :)

I was surfing the Michigan Knits webring/blogs last week and saw a picture of the girls, on someone else's blog (!) which was really odd to me until Shelly said you might be in Michigan (with the girls...)..Is it a small world or what?!!

Sounds like you had a great time! Glad to have you back safely.

Laura! I LOVE your hair color! It's a bit darker, right? It looks great on you and you look great!

Welcome home!

I love the pics of you! We rarely get to see you - it's really nice to be able to.

Your little ones are such dolls! Even when whiny - the great thing about photos is that doesn't come through.

Sorry to hear about your old boyfriend - that must have been a real shock.

So glad you're back -- and how lucky were you to be with Susie in person! I'm totally jealous.

I saw what was in your trunk too! It looks like it was a fabulous trip, and I think every picture of you was beautiful! The bride was radiant, and the cake!

I've been meaning to email you, I bought some of your yarn from the Loopy Ewe! I bought a skein of Katherine in Blueberry Buckle! I'm waiting for the perfect pattern to come along for it :) I can't wait to see the new yarn and colorways!

I love all the pictures of you. You look very nice in all of them! Whew, what a trip! You packed a lot of activities in! I got my kit today. I love the color!

Busy you!

Pretty cake.

Pills: haven't heard that one in ages.

What a wonderful, wonderful trip for you all. And, WOW! what a beautiful wedding. I'm so jealous of the trip to Traverse City (we used to live in the Upper Peninsula...it reminds me of being there). And all that amazing yarn! Whew! Glad you're home safe and sound, and thanks for sharing the great pics!

Well I'm glad your back I love to read your blog. I'm happy all is well for you.

When I looked at those Traverse City pictures -- even though it's been many years -- I swear I could smell the water. And feel the wind. And the wet sand. Thanks for the memories!

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