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March 01, 2010


I know you can do this darling. (As for the bakery, she's doing it out of her home now and doing quite well. She's actually the one I am having do my wedding cake.)

Laura, I know you can do this. Start putting your hand-dyed yarn up for sale, patterns, anything you can think of. I am so pleased you are still pursuing your dream.

P.S. I need some yarn!!!!!!!!


You are amazing. What about designing another sock pattern that I'm just sure is lurking in your head.

What a beautiful dream. You have come too far for it not to come true!!!!!!! Have you looked into a business partner - or were you trying to avoid that? I will keep you in my prayers!
Your neighbor in Benton, GG

How about a pattern called Investment in Dreams....could be shawl or socks or whatever....I believe in you Laura!

How about accepting contributions through PayPal... I'd help! Most of us don't have an extra $3000 to invest, but a LOT of us have $20 or more.
Then to thank donors, maybe you could have an invitation-only "Supporter's Preview Day" before you open to the public. Of course, you might not have any yarn left on the shelves for your Grand Opening! ;-)

Whoaaaaaa! That's awesome! You can definitely do it, I'm sure you can!

(and hey, so nice to see you posting again!)

wow laura! what exciting news!!
i know you'll figure out a way to make your dream into a reality!!

Girl get making and we will buy!!!! You can do this, your too close now for it not to become a reality!

Good luck in finding a way to make your dream come true.

This is very exciting! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

You can count me in for $50.00.
This is so exciting.!!!!!
There is nothing like the sisterhood of knitters.

So glad you blogged about your dreams. I had read about some of it on Facebook. I'm with the others I know you can do this and count me in for $20.00.

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